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Brad and his Father are certified Ride Mechanics licensed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and several of their employees are also TSSA Mechanics. The TSSA requires you to have a Certified TSSA mechanic on site when operating all amusement devices.

Brad and his father Phil have also been President of the Showmen’s League of America – Canadian Chapter, which has a 50 year history in the amusement business.

Magical Midways makes sure their equipment is washed and waxed each day, and that before the Rides are open to the public, every ride is checked to ensure that it is cleaned, polished and every light bulb is working.

Magical Midways is also known for replacing or fixing any minor repairs immediately before all equipment is placed away for the winter months, and that any maintenance or repairs are done before this happens.

It is the policy of the company that any, and all concessions, are to the highest quality. No flea market style structures are allowed.


Magical Midways does not close until all areas including games, rides, food and independent concessions are cleaned up. We normally bag all Garbage and leave it out for pick up by the Fair Boards. When this is not made available, we place all garbage in a refuge container that the Fair Board provides. Keeping the midway clean at all times is a main priority of our show especially with our ride personnel.

Magical Midways takes pride in their safety record and attends all TSSA and ESA Safety meetings that are available and has in the past purchase all safety and operational reports from an outside source on each ride that they own.

Magical Midways requires all ride foremen to fill out a daily logbook for each Ride before opening each day.

If any problems arise, they are to report to Management immediately.

All Ride personnel; including the foreman from each Ride, are given a training session on how the Ride operates and what areas need constant monitoring so that no safety related problems should arise.

Magical Midways carries ample mats or electrical covers for our Midway. It is our policy too lay out all electrical cables and water hoses in such a way that there is a bare minimum of these items running over the Midway grounds.

We also receive regular updates and bulletins from Ride manufacturers informing us of any modifications or safety related concerns. When we receive an update, we act on them right away or in most cases we have already implemented the changes. These daily logbooks must be, and are made available at any time, to any Professional Ride Inspectors.

Magical Midways has a history of only operating games that are legal. Our policy on games is to maintain the legality and fairness.  This protects not only the customer, but the operator as well. Also, non-gambling games play for stock and not money. Magical Midways has a pay as you play policy (i.e. give back change and take money as it is given to play).

Magical Midways has always stressed that the staff look professional at all times. This attire is also made available to our Independent Operators on our show.

It is also the policy of the company that hair must be neat and in the case of male employees, collar length.

When dealing with the public it is stressed to the staff to be as polite as possible to each customer, and to direct any complaints to our on site office.

Magical Midways has had a policy of zero tolerance concerning drugs at our showa. Anyone caught using drugs is dismissed immediately, including independent concessionaires. THERE IS NO SMOKING ON ANY RIDES – GAMES OR FOOD OPERATIONS WHILE WORKING.

Magical Midways has no problem in handling its own midway security. Where it is required, the Fair Board or Committee is usually responsible for providing off-duty police. We also carry portable radios for constant communication with the main office.

When we enter into an agreement with a Fair Board, it is understood that we will provide the complete Midway, which includes carnival-type Rides, Games and Candy Floss Operation.

As long as the Fair Board is not looking to provide entertainment that would be in direct competition with the equipment that we are providing, we have no problem discussing other attractions that you might be looking for. Our goal is to offer the best entertainment solutions for our clients.

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